Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"The Inheritance" by Irina Shapiro {Book Review}

Book Description:

Katie Price is baffled when a man claiming to be her grandfather leaves her his entire estate in the Scottish Highlands. The bulk of the estate consists of a thriving whiskey distillery and a moldering castle, where the eccentric old man actually lived until his death. The Will stipulates that Katie must travel to Scotland and claim her inheritance in person.

As Katie’s stay extends from weeks into months, she uncovers the secret that led to her mother’s birth, and begins to unravel a two-hundred-fifty year-old mystery surrounding the beautiful, young wife of the last laird of Clan McBride. According to local lore, Isobel McBride vanished from the castle without a trace shortly after the Battle of Culloden, and some believe that her ghost still walks the battlements at night. A strange dream in Isobel’s tower room leads Katie to Isobel’s hiding place, where she discovers love letters from a man other than Isobel’s husband, his initials being the only clue to his identity.

As Katie begins to unearth the clues to Isobel’s fate, she embarks on a romantic journey of her own and finds a new life she never expected.

About the Author, Irina Shapiro:

There is nothing I enjoy more than a good book that takes me away from my everyday stresses and problems. I particularly like books that are set in the past, where the characters must navigate the volatile political climates of their time, while still managing to live, love, and cause mischief.

I've always had a particular fascination with the paranormal, and I explore some of these themes in my books. I believe that nothing is truly impossible. A true love can transcend space and time, and live on forever.

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Irina pens "The Inheritance" with characters that will captivate you in this flowing plot of romance, mystery and fantasy. I enjoyed the story and wished it didn't have to end.  A must read!

I give "The Inheritance" a 5 star rating.

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