Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Out Of The Blue" by Lisa Maliga Promo Blast

Book Description:

Sylvia Gardner is a naïve cashier who lives with her mother in Richport, Illinois. Upset with being dumped by her first boyfriend; she later falls in love with an English actor after watching him on a TV show. For two years she researches Alexander Thorpe's life and career, saving her money to travel to his Cotswolds village, intent on meeting him. Staying in the village's only hotel, she gets room and board in exchange for working at the Windrush Arms Hotel. Complications ensue when the drunken proprietor, Harry Livingstone, takes a fancy to Sylvia. As in her fantasies, Sylvia and Alexander get together—but with unexpected results.

About the author, Lisa Maliga:

Lisa Maliga has been writing ever since she learned how to put crayon to paper back in kindergarten. Since then, she has learned to type and uses a laptop, citing it as way more convenient.

A fan of taking digital photos, you will find some of them on her website and in her nonfiction books. The masthead is a shot of the Pacific Ocean taken at sundown. Variations of this photo are seen on the covers of North of Sunset and her short story collection, South of Sunset. As an avid squirrel-watcher, all photos in Squirrels in the Hood were taken by the author.

When not writing, she goes to the movies, reads lots of books and still makes some bath & body products, mostly soap. She watches old movies on TV, thanks to Netflix, and shows like Dexter, True Blood, SouthLAnd, Mad Men, Breaking Bad and almost every single episode of Dragnet. She also likes watching documentaries.

Bio Copyright 2001-2012 by Lisa Maliga 

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