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Guest Post by Alannah Lynne, Author of the "Heat Wave" Series & Giveaway - Ends 8/31

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Guest Post by Alannah Lynne:

Writing blog posts is always a struggle for me, especially when I’m guest blogging. I don’t ever feel like the topic is interesting enough, and the last thing I want is be a big ole bore. So, to shake things up a bit, I took to Facebook and Twitter and told my readers now was their chance, did they have any questions they wanted to ask. I promised to answer as honestly as possible. I should’ve known what I was in for! These are, after all, MY readers. And the worst questions came from my street team… something tells me Alannah’s Beach ANGELS is a little deceiving. LOL Anyway, I promised, and they asked, so… *deep breath*… here goes…

Q: Girth or length?

A: Sweet Jesus… give me strength to get through these without heading off to the Black Out Bar & Grill (“Last Call”) for some heavy drinking. :D I’m gonna have to go with girth. I’m a delicate flower and believe there can be too much of a good thing.  :P

Q: Hairy balls or manscaped?

A: O.o I think someone beat me to the bar! Let’s go with manscaped… not completely shaved, but not a wooly mammoth, either. Some grooming is nice.

Q: How much personal information do you hide in your characters?

A: I don’t really HIDE personal information in my characters, but I think some of my personality filters into them. A lot of people who know me well say Sunny (“Last Call”) reminds them of me. I’d say it’s probably that stubborn streak of hers that gives them that feeling. LOL I grew up around constructions, so there’s also a fair amount of me in Sam (“Crossing Lines”).

I do have an upcoming story that was inspired by events in my life – a past relationship. It’s very loosely based on my life, but the root of the story is from my life. It’ll be the 5th story in the Heat Wave Series, and it’s called “A Matter of Time.”

Q: Do you have a favorite scene that you’ve written?

A: I think my favorite is probably when Kevin (“Crossing Lines”) asks Sam about her boots and she mistakenly thinks he’s asking about her boobs. I laughed every time I went through edits on that scene. I also like the scene in “Last Call” when Sunny writes NOT FOR SALE on the grocery bag and makes Gavin repeat it… with feeling. :-D

Q: What do you find most challenging as a writer?

A: This is two-fold. First, finding the time to sit down and write. I need time to get into the scene, into my characters, and feel my way through a scene. I envy people who can write in ten or twenty minute spurts. I can’t. Along with that is getting my mind cleared enough to get into the scene.

Q: What do you read when you find the time? LOL

A: I like contemporary, paranormal, and erotic romance. I’ll read books that are suggested by friends/readers, or new releases by my favorite authors. Finding the time is the biggest thing, though. I used to read a book a day. Now, I can hardly finish a book in a week. Right now, I’m hooked on the Beyond Series by Kit Rocha – very hot!!

Q: When writing the bar scene in “Last Call,” did you do “personal research?”

A: Ummm… I assume you mean the scene with the Schnapps. I did do some internet research, but I can’t say I did personal research… At least not at the time of writing “Last Call.” There might have been some done years ago… :D

Q: Does having a threesome ever interest you?

A: *Calls for Sunny (“Last Call”) to pour me something stronger*  I’m a lot like Sam (“Crossing Lines”) with this. Do I ever think about it, do I fantasize about it? Yes. Would I totally freak out if there was a third person in the bedroom? YES! Would I like for my husband to take some lessons from Kevin on how to make it seem real? Mmmm… maybe.

Q: How familiar are you with Sam’s toys?

A: I’ve never been in Sam’s toy drawer. ;-) Have I ever seen some of the toys she has? Yes. Do I have any of the same toys as her… none that were mentioned specifically in “Crossing Lines.”

Q: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

A: Not always, but since I was in my 20’s I’ve made jokes about writing a book about this or that. I just didn’t know how to go about it. I thought I had to have some kind of special degree or something. It wasn’t until I met a wonderful group of ladies called the Plotmonkeys that I began to realize I didn’t have to have a special education or degree, and that I should give it a shot.

Q: When your kids were little, did you read the normal bedtimes stores or make up your own being you had boys?

A: I don’t really remember reading stories to them. G (my youngest) has severe ADHD and he wouldn’t ever sit still long enough for me to read to him – day or night! I used to sing bedtime songs to Dusty (my oldest), but I didn’t read to him at night. When he was a little older (5th/6th grade), we read the Harry Potter stories together, though, and that was fun. We read a chapter every day. But then he got into high school and the fun ended. I think we got through the 4th, or maybe the 5th one.

Q: When, oh when, are you going to give us “Coveted?” Some of us are needy!!!!

A: *sigh* *signals Sunny for another round* I hope… I pray… by October. J

Q: What is your favorite holiday?

A: Christmas! I LOVE Christmas!! I love to decorate the house – or dress it up, as I like to say. I love the magic of the season, and yes, I still believe in Santa Claus!

Q: What is your favorite book that YOU wrote? And why?

A: Probably “Last Call.” I love Sunny, but there are more personal reasons that it’s my favorite.  I wrote that story in under two months so I could enter it into the Kensington Brava Writing With the Stars contest. I finalled in the contest, which did wonders for my confidence. I also had a publisher interested in the story, but I wasn’t interested in waiting two years for them to assign an editor, so I decided to self-publish. That was the story that launched the Heat Wave series (the contract for “Savin’ Me” had expired, so I got the rights to it back, rewrote it, and released it as the first in the series, then made “Last Call” second).

Q: I am curious if authors like to go back and read something they had written a while ago. Does the way you feel about the book ever change from when you were writing it?

A: I went back and read “Savin’ Me” and actually rewrote it before I re-released it last year. I added a few scenes and expanded a few others, and mostly just updated it my current voice. That’s the only story I’ve gone back and read. If I get the rights to my first story, “Reaction Time” back, I’ll do the same thing with it. But if I went back and read the others, I’d want to keep changing things. LOL My time is better spent writing the next story.

Q: How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

A: A lot of times the ideas for my stories come from songs. I love music, and if I’m not writing, I have it on all the time. Sometimes a song will help me develop a scene, sometimes a song will help me see a complete story. Other times, stories and characters show up in my dreams. I dreamed about Erik (“Savin’ Me”) for years before I figured out what I was supposed to do with him (it was the first story I wrote).

Q: Do you go to clubs to do research?

A: I haven’t, but I really, REALLY want to! Anyone want to go with me?!!

Q: Have you ever convinced your friends to go snoop on a guy you liked?

A: LOL Not that I remember. But in high school, I took a friend to snoop on a guy she liked. My car was a manual shift, three speed on the column. It would lock up sometimes and I’d have to get out, raise the hood, manually shift the gears, and then be good to go. Wouldn’t you know… it happened right at the end of his street, right by his house… BUSTED!

Q: Does your family read your books?

A: No. Well, my mom does. But not my guys. At the beginning of “Reaction Time,” she’s drag racing in a Shelby GT500. I wanted to know if she would need to go into 6th gear if she was only doing 110 mph. I explained to my husband what I needed to know, then read him the scene. He said, “No.” I said, “No, she wouldn’t need 6th gear?” He said, “No, that guy wouldn’t think about kissing her, he’d just do it.” I let him know it was called ROMANCE! A slow, easy build-up… something he might want to think about next time he was looking to get lucky! :D He hasn’t read anything since. He did hear me reading a scene over the phone to my mom one day, though, and said, “You wrote that?” He’s absolutely my biggest fan, but I could tell he was shocked that it sounded good. LOL

Q: “Reaction Time” – Any thoughts on continuing it?

A: Not at this time. I have people ask me all the time if Nikki’s brother will get his story (or some of the other guys on the crew), but as of right now, I don’t have any plans for it. If I get the rights back, then I might revisit it, but not until then.

Since the door’s not just been knocked down, but obliterated by my Angels (lol), do you have any questions for me?

A Heat Wave book of choice will be given away to one lucky commenter. Be sure and follow along on each stop of the blog hop (go to my blog for links to each stop). One commenter from each day will be chosen, and a grand prize drawing for a “Savin’ Me” audio book will be drawn at the end of the tour.

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 Title: Savin’ Me
Author: Alannah Lynne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Heat Wave #1
Number of Pages: 168
Publisher: Alannah Lynne

One step away from the coveted Vice Presidency of her firm, the last thing Kat Owens needs is the distraction of a man. Her client, Erik Monteague, disagrees. He’s charming, sexy, seductive, and impossible to ignore or refuse. After succumbing to his advances, Kat’s forced to choose between her career and the man she’s fallen for... while knowing even her love might not be enough to save him from self-destructing.

While Erik’s perfectly executed seduction gets Kat into his bed, the end result is more than he bargained for. Having spent the past ten years wallowing in guilt and self-loathing over his fiancée’s tragic death, falling in love is unacceptable. However, Kat’s passionate, loving nature dissolves the carefully constructed walls guarding his heart, forcing him to face his tragic past and make a decision... spend the rest of his life running, or risk being devastated by love again?

Title: Last Call
Author: Alannah Lynne
Genre: Contemporary Erotica Romance
Series: Heat Wave #2
Number of Page:  230
Publisher: Alannah Lynne

Gavin McLeod is a man who has it all. His corporate climb has positioned him as the next CEO at Holden Enterprises. He’s financially stable, allowing him to provide for the grandfather who raised him, and his successful seduction of the sexy bartender last night proves his private life is also on fire. Until the alluring woman in his arms turns out to be a serious road-block to his future. One that could bring everything he's worked for crashing down around him.

Sunny Black has spent her entire life tending to the needs of others, caring for her younger
brother since she was ten, and serving bar patrons night after night. For the first time in years, she thinks of herself and gives in to her body’s demands, taking a trip to the wild side with a customer whose raw sexuality is too strong to deny. The next morning, however, she learns that in addition to rocking her world, the stranger might cause it to crumble.

A game of sexual seduction and corporate chess ensues, with neither Gavin nor Sunny realizing the ending could come in the form of a permanent check-mate.

Title:  Crossing Lines
Author: Alannah Lynne
Genre: Contemporary Erotica Romance
Series: Heat Wave #3
Number of Page:  178
Publisher: Alannah Lynne

Bored with her current assortment of vibrating, plastic pieces, Sam Wallace decides to add a new sex toy to her collection: Kevin Mazze. The sexy Italian is more than happy to help her live out her long-held sexual fantasies, and trusting him with her body is easy. Trusting him with her heart, however, is not… especially when he commits an unforgiveable sin.

Kevin Mazze is one of the good guys. He’s spent his life always doing the right things and making those around him happy. When he meets the woman of his dreams, at the worst possible time, he finds himself making bad choices in the name of good and crossing lines he never thought he would… while praying she never finds out.

Author Bio:

Alannah believes there's nothing more magical than finding the other half of your soul, experiencing fiery passion, and knowing you've found happily-ever-after.
She loves going to work each day (in sweats and a T-shirt) and writing about hot heroes and feisty heroines who torment each other in the most delicious ways before finding their happy ending.

She lives in the coastal region of North Carolina with her husband, who also happens to be her best friend and biggest fan. They have two sons, a dog, two cats, and an outrageous number of ducks and geese that inhabit the pond on their farm.

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Website | Twitter | Facebook

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    And if I ever do get to me Alannah, I would so go to the clubs with her. I'm not a club type person, but I think she would be a hoot to go with!

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