Wednesday, August 14, 2013

{Book Review} "Plato: Letters to my Son" by Neel Burton

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Book Description:

An eagle's old age is better than the youth of a sparrow. --Greek proverb

My doctor tells me that, at last, I am dying. The time has come for me to write, or, rather, dictate these letters to you. I pray that I might remain lucid for long enough to finish the task and ask that you forgive any lapses in my memory or reason. I propose not so much to counsel you as to furnish you with an account of my life and thought; not the impersonal and incomplete fabrication that you or anyone might piece together from my books, but the real account--in so far as there could ever be such a thing. For all the man and the god that I have found in you, I do not, and cannot, expect your tender years to tease out my every accent and every nuance, and I am writing as much to account myself to you as to account myself to myself.

About the Author, Neel Burton:

Dr Neel Burton is a psychiatrist, philosopher, writer, and wine-lover who lives and teaches in Oxford. He is the recipient of the Society of Authors Richard Asher Prize, the British Medical Association Young Authors’ Award, and the Medical Journalists’ Association Open Book Award.

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Neel Burton's "Plato: Letters to my Son" is a series of letters written by Plato on his deathbed to his son, in which he gives little bits of advice and guidance taken from his own life. I was totally impressed by the research Dr. Burton must have gone through for this book in order to show what Plato's life might have been like along with the author using his own imagination. Filled with Greek Mythology, this is a must read for all ages.

I give "Plato: Letters to my Son" a 5 star rating.

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