Thursday, July 25, 2013

{Book Spotlight} "Traveling for Love: Searching for Self, Hoping for Love" by Becky Due

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Book Description:

Amanda's life is suddenly turned upside down when her husband tells her he wants a divorce. She realizes she no longer knows who she is - her life revolved around her husband. At age 40, she finds herself divorced, childless, living in an apartment with a roommate, with little education and no career path. Can Amanda heal her pain and find love again? Will she find the career of her dreams? When will Amanda realize that she deserves to be happy?

Author Bio:

Becky Due is the new voice of women’s fiction. She has the courage, honesty and writing style for today’s busy women, and she does not cringe away from hard issues. She will leave you feeling strong, self-confident, independent, and in control of your life.

Her books have won, and been finalists in, several independent competitions including the 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards, 2010 Indie Excellence Awards and the 2009 IPPY Awards.

Her novels are not the same story with different characters; she has the ability to cross genres from light-hearted romance to heart-racing suspense to keep her readers entertained and inspired.

Becky has been a guest on national TV and radio programs, and the subject of numerous newspaper and national magazine articles for empowering women with her books. She has served as a guest speaker at Women’s Resource Centers, Shelters, Colleges and High Schools throughout the United States. Becky has had extensive training at Victim Services, worked the 24-Hour Sexual Assault Crisis-Line and was a Victim's Advocate where she offered one-on-one assistance and support to rape victims. In 2007, she started Women Going Forward, the first national women’s telephone support group, which ran for almost two years. After receiving much recognition for her books, Becky’s focus turned back to her writing and empowering women with her novels.

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“YOU’RE A MISERABLE person. I don’t even know who you are,” he had said to me. He was right. I am miserable, and I don’t know who I am. I stared out the living room window trying to figure out how I lost myself in these fourteen years of marriage. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Nick left town to avoid the drama of me packing and moving out. I volunteered to leave because I couldn’t afford the house anyway. My friend Teresa said she’d love to have me live with her, so that’s where I was headed.
I couldn’t believe I was leaving my home. As I watched the cars drive by, I hoped his car would pull into the driveway and he’d rush in and tell me how sorry he was and how much he loved me and  he’d beg me to stay. The cars just kept passing by. Then a big yellow school bus full of children drove by. Feelings of failure flooded over me as I stood up to finish packing. I took many breaks in my favorite chair to look out the window and cry over memories. I was still in shock over what was really happening—we are getting a divorce.
I should have realized there was a problem when I started researching getting a facelift. People kept saying things to me like, “You look tired.” or “Are you feeling okay?” Even Nick kept asking me, “What’s wrong?” or “You look so sad.” I just assumed my face was sagging and I needed a facelift; it never occurred to me that I was tired, I was not feeling well and I was deeply sad. I had also noticed that I didn’t stand up straight, and my shoulders seemed to slouch forward. I felt old, run down.
As I walked into each room to sort through my things, my wedding ring felt heavy on my finger, but I wasn’t ready to take it off. You’re a miserable person. I don’t even know who you are, kept replaying in my mind and the tears blurred my eyes while I pulled shoes out of the closet by the front door. Then I saw my rollerskates.

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