Friday, March 29, 2013

"John the Robot" by Matthew H. Phillips {Book Review}


Ithan Higgins is a down on his luck freighter pilot just trying to eke out living. John the Robot is his trusted co-pilot/engineer and probably his best friend. Together, they are on a mission to deliver some mysterious goods to a wealthy benefactor who wants no questions asked and a timely execution of the transport of the unique freight. To protect the innocent, mainly Ithan; he always keeps his nose out of the storage bay and hopes that nothing will crawl out into the ship proper. For now Ithan and John the Robot carefully watch over their ship called Bessy as they travel the bleakness of interstellar space.

Everything seems to be going smoothly, a rarity for this duo to be sure; however, just when Ithan is about to put his feet up and take a much needed break, the space police are on his ship’s fumes and desperate to take him in for whatever laws Ithan has broken on this voyage. It will take much patience and extreme piloting skills to avoid his arch nemesis, the captain of the space police ship following Bessy. Yet, Ithan will have to endure one creature and his constant and not very charming complaints to a level not reached---since their last trip. If the space police don’t capture Ithan, his trusty and loyal robot may just send him over the brink of sanity. Can one space going vessel be big enough for Ithan Higgins and John the Robot?


Matthew pens "John the Robot" in a captivating fun plot that will keep you reading and laughing throughout the book. I loved his characters as they were interesting, different and a bit quirky at times. I totally enjoyed the book and highly recommend it to all sci-fi fans looking for a fun, easy read.

I give "John the Robot" a 5 star rating.

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