Friday, May 25, 2012

The Third Fate by Nadja Notarini {Book Tour}

Sneak Peak - Chapter 1

Meet Cael Macinnis of the Clain Macinnis natural born of the highlands - vampire just arrived in Glasgow

"A heartbeat sounded in his ear, the pumping of blood through his victim's body the sound he locked onto. He strained his senses to identify more fully what drew him. For the first time in ages, he could not. Although the scent pervaded the area, its source remained a mystery beyond the cursory. Female. Vampire. He wanted it. By the time he noticed the delicate creature walking toward the townhouse tenement Cael was savage with blood lust. Hunting, stalking, locked onto the female's heartbeat, his senses warned.

Human - vampire – no...human.

Fighting the urge to drink was beyond him, the scent of the female vampire so near, so strong – so made for him - that his cock strained against his jeans and his fangs elongated in the erotic hunger denied him for so long. His eyes burned, reddening with the impending promise of fulfillment........"

Meet Paige Kinnell - Junior Librarian at The Mitchell (main library in Glasgow)

"What is going on with me tonight?

Shaking her head and snuggling into the chair she stretched her legs on the ottoman and sank into deep sleep. Her phone chirped much later, and she uttered apologies in her dreamlike stupor, returning to sleep like the dead. As her body rested, her mind came alive. Erotic images filled her dreams - images of a man. Tall, well over six feet in height with hair the color of blackest midnight and piercing blue eyes, he looked upon her, whispered her name, touched her. She was in paradise! The presence surrounded, occupying all senses at once. Earthy and masculine, his scent filled her with every breath. His voice, low and husky, rumbled through her body with every utterance. His form, hovering over and around her, awakened every nerve in her flesh, leaving her trembling under his gaze and aching for his caress. Yet she could not really see him for the haze in her mind. The images were jumbled, distorted, frustrating. Suddenly, he was solid before her again. But his eyes were now blood red, his gaze hungry and sexual in a way that frightened her. 

And aroused her.

In predatory manner he smelled her, a terrifying and wildly sensual groan emanating from him as he gripped her head, tilting it to expose her neck to his mouth. His eyes raked over her, and terror welled inside Paige at the sight of his incisors elongating.

He was vampire."

My Thoughts:

This is a very intriguingly and erotic book that was very hard to put down.

I give this book a 5 star rating!

About the Author:

Nadja Notariani (1971- )

Nadja Notariani was born in Rochester, Pennsylvania. Her upbringing included very diverse environments, affording wide and varied richness of ethnic and religious tradition. Raised in both an Italian/Mediterranean American home and a traditional German household, Nadja gleaned the unique benefits of viewing the world through two widely different lenses. Nadja currently resides in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Her published titles follow.Claiming The Prize, a contemporary romance.Her Dark Baron, a historical novella.The Third Fate, a paranormal romance, published in late March, 2012.

The author can be found at her website, on facebook and Romance Novel Center, or through email, and enjoys hearing from readers.

This biography was provided by the author or their representative.


  1. I agree with your rating this was a most excellent book,. Just enough uniqueness to take away from the typical vampire story..

  2. Hi, Susan! Sorry I'm just stopping middle son kicked of the long weekend with the stomach flu. Oy Vey! I'm finally back to the land of the living.

    I'm so glad you signed on to be a part of The Third Fate's Book Tour with IO! Thank you for your time and space here at Cozie Corner, as well as for your kind words! Have a wonderful Sunday!


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