Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Rotting In The Bangkok Hilton" By T.M. Hoy Giveaway - Ends 6/14

About the Book:

Imagine a life behind bars--thousands of miles from home--when any moment could be your last... "Rotting in the Bangkok Hilton" (Skyhorse Publishing, May 2012) tells the story of T.M. Hoy's horrific time spent imprisoned abroad. His graphic, heart-wrenching account will have you on the edge of the seat, reliving the treachery and horror--every moment and every emotion. 

About the Author: 

T. M. Hoy was born and raised in Mountain View, California. After extensive travel through Asia, he settled in Bangkok, and then Chiang Mai, located in Northern Thailand. While living there, he made a "tragic error in judgment" by not reporting a friend to the police for murder. In 1995, he was given a life sentence and spent the next five-plus years in Chiang Mai Remand and Bang Kwang Prison. He was given a treaty transfer and sent back to the States where he finished his sentence at FCC Tucson in 2011. Hoy currently resides in Tucson, Arizona. 

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