Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Do You Sleep Baby Dolphin Book Giveaway - Ends 5/24

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Do you have a kid who hates to go to bed and uses questions to stay up?  Guess who has a two year old who has tried this tactic!  My little one loves animals and will ask to see turtles, birds, and fish right before bed to keep from going down.  Luckily, I was asked to review a book that is perfect for our new night time story.  I tested it with the daycare kids first to make sure that it was a good one.

This is a great story about how dolphin's sleep written in a way that kid's enjoy.  The kids that visit the daycare enjoyed the fun colors and how the illustrations where put together.  They loved talking about whether or not a dolphin slept this way or that way.  The facts on how dolphin's sleep to finalize the story was perfect for the kid I have that wants answers to all questions asked instead of making the answer up in there head and actually asked me if that's how dolphins really sleep.  Once I confirmed it was true, we had to read the story again to re-visit the starter questions asked and note the really way's dolphin's sleep.

Now that the story has passed the daycare test, and toddler attention test shown in the pictures of my daughter looking the book over, I think this will be a perfect addition to our bedtime bookshelf!

Do you know how Dolphin's sleep?  Better read this book and find out!  See, sometimes even us mom's can learn something from a children's book.

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  1. in my ocean bed I have everything I need

    My favorite page

  2. Does your Mother read you stories and sing you lullabies? Does she give you sweet dream kisses on the lids of both your eyes?
    :)Jeanne B.T.


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