Monday, September 17, 2012

"Destiny Unhinged" by Kimber Shook {Excerpt & Giveaway - Ends 9/21}


Chapter 1

It figures! So it’s the weekend before Memorial Day and do I get to sleep in? No! I get to wake my butt up at 8:00 a.m. and its Saturday for goodness sakes! What teenager in the world gets up before noon on a Saturday? I mean seriously. 8:00 a.m., that’s like being grounded or something, isn’t it?

So why am I feeling the dread of having to wake up so early this morning? It’s not like it’s gonna kill me or anything. I’ll get to sleep in soon enough once school is out for the summer. I can’t wait either. Not only is it the end of my junior year at high school but my birthday is right around the corner. I am so anxious too. I’m positive 17 years of age will finally bring me the excitement I have been waiting for my entire life. Well, that is what I am anticipating.

My early morning awakening just happens to be my duty as a child to help my family with their silly little tradition of going to cemeteries and primping deceased family member’s gravestones with vast rainbows of color. The only two I can ever seem to remember is that Great Grandmother Martha loves her Marigolds and Great-Great Grandmother Doris loves her Calendulas. Hey, I know it’s not much and someday I may have to carry on the tradition but until then, those are the only two I can seem to recall. Oh well!

Again, I’m asking myself why I have the honor of getting up this wonderful Saturday morning just to ride around to grave plots to plant flowers for family who don’t even appreciate the time, effort and money spent on them. I’m mean seriously. They are dead, are they really going to care one way or another.

As I slowly begin to drag myself out of bed, I envision that I’m an extra cast member from Night of the Living Dead. Now I’m not talking about the newer remake because that scared the crap out of me because of how fast they can sneak up on you. No, I’m talking about the original one where you can be two feet in front of the brain eating zombies the whole time and they can never reach you. That’s more my speed.

About the Author, Kimber Shook:

I'm a huge sci-fi fan. I love all the paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi genres, of course, when romance is thrown in, it just makes it even better. I grew up with a desire to write. Now being considered a middle-aged woman I have decided I'm running out of time. I stopped taking for granted the amount of time I have left to live and take matters into my own hands by actually working on a dream. Writing a novel, Destiny Unhinged. It's a great feeling to say I'm not just waiting for life to come to me, but rather I'm going after it and not letting go.

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