Friday, May 3, 2013

"Achieve in 5!" by Lesa Hammond PhD {Book Review}

Book Description:

Do you have a project that you would like to complete, a book you would like to write, a dream you would like to make come true, and yet you just don't have the time to make any of those things happen? Achieve in 5! is a revolutionary technique that will allow you to complete unfinished projects in just five minutes a day. This book will change your outlook on what effort is required for you to be successful in accomplishing that elusive goal. You can transform your life by committing five minutes a day to your project.

About the Author, Lesa Hammond, PhD:

Lesa Hammond has twenty-five years of experience as a career coach, management consultant, trainer, and writer. She is the founder and CEO of Achievement U, Inc. Known for her exceptional coaching in career transition, Lesa has provided career and Human Resources advice to broad audiences. She has appeared on radio talk shows as a guest and has been interviewed for several articles in Black Enterprise magazine. Formerly the expert from the internet column Ask Dr. Lesa, she now has the blog providing career advice at Lesa is the creator of Achieve in 5! and The Achievement System--a program for life transformation and career development, which has been used for more than ten years with women escaping domestic violence, men and women in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and high schools throughout the United States. Her dissertation, entitled "Transformative Training: Transformative Learning Theory Applied to Structured Training Programs" uncovers a formula for helping individuals transform their consciousness about poverty, joblessness, and self-esteem. Her interests and research are centered on the change process and helping people achieve their life dreams and unlearning oppression consciousness.

Achievement U, Inc. is dedicated to providing tools and resources for schools and organizations working with underprivileged and underserved youth. The Thompson Twins book series, a fifth grade reader, uses principles of transformative learning theory to infuse possibility consciousness. The Thompson Twins books utilize these principles to instill hope, self-efficacy and drive in young people.

Lesa has taught professional development classes at San Jose State University, conducted workshops at The Ohio State University, and presented in Public Programs at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has consulted with more than 35 companies and agencies throughout the United States including: AT&T, Ashland Chemical, State of Ohio, EDD (Education Development Department), and Kaiser Permanente. Lesa holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology, a Masters degree in Human Resources, and a Ph.D. in Transformative Learning and Change.

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"Achieve in 5" is a unique new way of achieving your goals but committing just 5 minutes of your day. I was impressed that I could actually commit to 5 minutes a day and did reach my goal without stressing myself out. A great book that flows nicely that should be on all TBR lists.

I give "Achieve in 5!" a 5 star rating.

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