Friday, May 3, 2013

A Book Review of: "Blood Pressure Down" by Janet Bond Brill, PH.D., R.D., LDN

Book Description:

In BLOOD PRESSURE DOWN: The 10-Step Plan to Lower Your Blood Pressure in 4 Weeks – Without Prescription Drugs (Three Rivers Press; May 2013), nationally recognized nutrition, health, and fitness expert and Cholesterol Down author Dr. Janet Bond Brill shows how high blood pressure can be lowered and prevented quickly and safely-without the side effects of many blood pressure medications. In ten simple-and delicious-steps, Janet’s unique plan harnesses the power of the lifestyle changes, including elements of the DASH diet, proven to be the most effective medicine for hypertension: blood pressure power foods like bananas, yogurt, soy, and dark chocolate, as well as exercise and stress reduction. Backed by solid research, Brill cuts through the medical jargon to explain how and why each step in her program works. The Blood Pressure Down plan is both thorough and accessible, including many convenient checklists, charts, meal plans, and over fifty delicious heart-healthy recipes that make incorporating each step into a heart-healthy lifestyle easy, practical, and never overwhelming.

About the Author, Janet Bond Brill, PH.D., R.D., LDN:

Nationally recognized nutrition, health and fitness expert and published author Dr. Janet Brill is the director of nutrition for Fitness Together, the world’s largest organization of personal trainers. Dr. Janet specializes in cardiovascular disease prevention and has authored three books on the topic; the most recent is Prevent a Second Heart Attack (Three Rivers Press, Feb 2011.) Prevent a Second Heart Attack follows the bestselling book, Cholesterol Down (Three Rivers Press, 2006). Her third book, a sequel to Cholesterol Down, titled Blood Pressure Down (Three Rivers Press, 2013) will be available wherever books are sold May 7, 2013.

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Dr. Janet gives a fantastic explanation of hypertension and ways to control it. I found her 10 step plan to be easy to follow, understand and effective, for me. I do suggest talking to your own Doctor before starting, as everyone is different. Highly recommended for all who would like to learn how to control your blood pressure without meds.

I give "Blood Pressure Down" a 5 star rating.

*Disclosure: I received the above product(s) from the Author in exchange for an honest review and in no way was I asked to give a positive review. I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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