Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Saving Sunni" by Kasi & Reggie Alexander {Release Blitz}

“Saving sunni” is being released on June 19!! 


Six sentences from “Saving sunni,” the sequel to “Becoming sage.” 

"Sir dipped the huge blade closer and closer, occasionally catching a piece of the plastic wrap with the tip in a movement that seemed much too fast to be safe. The plastic made a very satisfying ripping sound, but only a tiny piece actually came loose—not enough for me to even feel. He was very theatrical, and I knew it was making a good show. I pretended to be terrified, screaming occasionally, although not too much for fear of accidentally setting off my panic. He swung the knife up and down the length of my body, occasionally holding it against my throat and tracing a white-hot line, making some of the women in the audience gasp. It was hard for me not to smile when he ran the blade across my skin; that was actually the safest part of the play, and I knew he was doing it mostly to calm me down."

"Saving Sunni" is an adult erotic novel for mature audiences only.
Read the full release blitz on Sweet n' Sassi

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