Wednesday, April 11, 2012

IO Tours Meet and Greet Blog Hop


This is our weekly blog hope to get to know each other and have some fun.

Each week we will feature one of the team member blogs. If you would like to be featured please leave a comment as such.

A different Team blogger featured every week
Welcome to all of the new book blog tour host team!

Hop on and join the fun.

Meet your new Teammates.

Follow each others blog pages.

Lets have some fun! Join the hop and offer a giveaway if you have one.
This Blog hop is open to any blogger who would like to join the fun.

Today's Featured blog is Tea and Book..


Tea and Book started as a supplementary blog to Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy. But as all things do it outgrew it's sidekick status and has found it's own niche. Tea is dedicated to new authors, some you may not see in the grocery aisle.. but are excellently written, fascinating books.. We believe there is nothing better than sipping a cuppa tea and reading a good book..
We have a give away for you.. a complete set of Jessa Slade, Caris Roane and Donna Grant Romantic Trading Cards.. I am so addicted to these things..

Remember all you have to do to win is make sure you are a member of Tea and Book, either by GFC, Facebook or email.. and leave a comment on Tea's page on the blog hop post.. easy peasy..

Remember to post this as your blog of the day.. feel free to offer a give away of your own..  and let us know if you want to be featured in the blog hop!

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