Friday, March 16, 2012

Lips Appreciation Day March 16...Pucker Up!

Where would all those lovely teeth we paid a bundle for be without a lovely frame?  Do something nice for your lips today.  Buy a lip balm–better yet, kiss someone!

According to psychic lip reader and author Maxine Albert, “Your personality shines through your lip print. To find out what your lips prints say, apply dark lipstick, then kiss a sheet of paper.”  Then compare it to the following categories.

Closed — You might be a little shy, but men read that as mysterious and sexy. You pay attention to details and have impeccable manners that his mother will love.

Open — You’re approachable and talkative, even a social butterfly who’s usually the center of attention. Friends describe you as fun loving and passionate.

Many lines — You’re always on the go and have a real rest for life. You sometimes forget to take some time out for yourself.

Few lines — You’re a well rounded person with a keen business know how that will take you far in your career and finances.

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