Sunday, February 5, 2012

Book Review... Shark and the Wolf: Predators and Prey By Daniel Shields

Shark and the Wolf: Predators and Prey is a well written novel with intriguing characters which include a pool playing shark in love with a Vixin, his best friend Dog Z Boy, the Wolf and so much more.  The characters and locations are nicely done, to where you feel like you are actually there while you are reading.  While humor is well intergraded into the horror of what is done to animals and humans alike in this cleveraly written novel, one must not miss the lesson within.

Daniel Shields intertwines the characteristics of animals and humans, and reminds us that we all have animalistic tendencies which include capture, torture, and slavery in well written and understandable tones.  This is a great story for teens and adults to enjoy, and one that is highly recommended.

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